YotC – January: Bleading Heart Bakery

For the my very first, official cupcake of 2010: Year of the Cupcake, I headed down to a one-of-a-kind bakery… Bleeding Heart Bakery.

The first time I heard about this place was actually on television — Food Network Challenge.  Yep.  These people rock the extreme and awesome cakes.  So I knew this would be a great first choice to start the year of yummy-goodness off right.

The self-described punk rock bakery is bright.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  The walls are bright, the tables are bright, the plates (from ikea, the same ones my sisters have!) are bright, and holy-wow they have they brightest and best colored icing & fondant I have ever seen.  Seriously, their case alone had be very impressed.

Now, I decided to go for the Vegan Mint Chocolate.  Visually, as you can see, it’s awesome.  Great bright green.  The cake was dense, only slightly heavy, and only the teeny-tiniest bit dry.  But it had a good chocolate flavor.  Being vegan, it didn’t taste like a traditional chocolate cake, but it wasn’t so far off that any chocolate lover wouldn’t still enjoy it.  The icing had a good mint flavor, not too overwhelming, and balanced off the chocolate well.  It was smooth and complimented the actual cake.  While it didn’t start off too sweet, it did get a bit too sweet at the end (but well, I that could just be my taste).

Overall the Vegan Mint Chocolate cupcake was really good!  I’ll definitely be back to try more cupcakes (maybe the fluffnutter or chocolate orange — or whatever they have for the day!)… and I definitely want to try their cake balls!