YotC – Special!: The Meatloaf Bakery

Febraury was an awesome month for many reasons.  One of them just happened to be making a trip to this amazing establishment known as The Meatloaf Bakery.

One of my friends tipped me off to this on twitter, and I can’t remember who, but seriously… THANK YOU.  This place is amazing!

What you should know: This isn’t a normal bakery.  Oh no.  What they serve is the amazingly awesome meaty goodness that is gourmet meatloafs in cake (and cupcake) form.

Jaron and I walked over after a day at the zoo.  It was maybe 30 minutes before close, but everyone there was still amazingly nice and they weren’t rushing us one bit.  Jaron got to try out a sample and ended up getting their newest loaf, Chili Chili Bang Bang.  I, however, went for the No Buns About It cupcake, pictured above.  It’s all the gloriousness of a hamburger (bacon and pickles included) mashed up into a meaty explosion of amazingness.  Topped off with cheesy mashed potatoes.  Oh.  Yeah.  And it comes with special sauce.

Let me just say, since having this meaty goodness, I am craving it!  SO GOOD.  I definitely cannot wait to go back.  And I’m super excited to see that I’m within their delivery zone.  You must try this out if you get the chance!