getting ready to geek out.

Okay, maybe getting ready to nerd out is a little more appropriate… but still.  Geeking out and nerdery is about to commence.

Here’s what’s about to come up:

  • I’m hopping a train this afternoon and will be visiting my super amazing boyfriend, Jaron, for a few nights.  (So excited!)
  • Jaron has an invite to Lego Universe.  It’s in private beta right now.  And um, yes, I am going to make sure I get to check it out too.  (Girlfriend perks, right?  I mean, I showed him Glass before sending him an invite…)
  • Jaron is also having a super awesome party on Saturday.  It’ll be a day of gaming.  Different games in various rooms.  Sadly, though, I’ll be missing this.  (boo)
  • …HOWEVER… I get to see Jaron that night and for the whole day Sunday, which happens to be his birthday!  So we’re going to spend the day celebrating.
  • I now have a book of the complete works of Charles Perrault — the French writer who did all those fairy tales before the Brothers Grimm…  You know, back when fairy tales didn’t always have the “happily ever after”…
  • I also got a book of Grimm fairy tales… and for good measure, a collection of H.P. Lovecraft.  (I’ve read a handful of Cthulhu graphic short stories, figured I need to read the original.)
  • I’m talking with a writing program here in the city.  There is a good chance I might be starting a course next week.  I’ve felt this ever stronger tug at my heart that I’ve neglected my writing for far too long.  I’m tired of ignoring that.  I want to work on my craft and get back in the game.
  • Writing = researching = AWESOME.  I love researching.  I love learning.  If I could continue taking course forever, I would.  In an instant.  One of the main reasons I’ve been getting fairy tale books is because of a story I’m working on… it’s inspired by Perrault’s Petit chaperon rouge (Little Red Riding Hood).

Also other things I’m excited about… Attempting to distract Rachel long enough to steal her new copy of Endless Ocean.  It’s a game that lets you explore the ocean waters.  It’s prompting kids and adults to think more about things outside of their community bubble.  Wildlife conservation is a HUGE thing to me.  Ocean conservation is a very, very large part of that.  We ignore our ocean ecosystems, and we’re going to seriously f- up our world because of it.  Anyway.  The game looks awesome.  (Yes, I’m jealous that Brand About Town isn’t sending me things like this.  I mean, come on, huge nerd here.  I love video games.  Grew up on them.  I’ve got a Nintendo track jacket — and not just the Wii Fit Plus one they gave me — and for 2/3rds of college I carried around a Nintendo remote messenger bag.  They’re missing out on a great nerd right here.  But that’s not the point.  The point is I’m going to attempt to snag Rachel’s game, and return in one piece.)