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10 April 2010

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  • Cmigs

    I met a cute 21-year-old this weekend, but I realized that our age difference made me feel almost maternal towards him. He had a girlfriend anyway so it was pretty much a moot point.

    I wouldn’t assume there is a void in your life because you don’t have a guy. When you think there’s a void, you think you have to fill it, and it becomes sort of like a starving person looking for any sort of food. Getting your portfolio together will give you a much better return on investment and will put you in a place where you don’t feel like you have to settle.

  • I wish I was that girl. I’m coming up on a year of not getting anything.
    .-= Mr. McBastard´s last blog ..There Is No STFU in Team =-.

    • Erini

      Aw. McBastard. If it wouldn’t make things completely awkward….

      … man, yeah, if I’m not working, we’ll get you to that nerd speed dating and get you a girl.
      Getting in her pants is on you though.

  • I wouldn’t feel about about “stuff like this.” We’ve all been there and, well, it’s fun. Just don’t try to fill the void of Jaron with that. My opinion is that it’ll just prolong the getting-over-him part… I mean, that’s what I think, so it could be completely wrong. But I know when I was in those shoes, trying to get over a guy, and filling the hole with boy after boy, it wasn’t helping me heal. Only forget for a few hours at a time.
    .-= MinD´s last blog ..Women’s Writes — But it’s not the 1950s… =-.

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