class act: my life as a student – two weeks in

Last week I dropped that I’d enrolled in a writing class… It’d been wanting to do something of the sort for a while, and thanks to the generosity of my boss, I am.

Like I said, I’d been a little nervous about it.  People were going to be discussing my work, possibly to death… twice!  As much as I really do adhere to my “Damn cute, damn awesome, I win” mentality, it’s writing that definitely knocks me down off that high horse.  (But we’re told if we fall off a horse, just to get back up in that saddle.)

I have been out of a writing scene* for about eight months or so.  A decently long time.  Enough that any courage or esteem I had built was faded and shaky.  I actually had to seek out some opinions on whether I should attempt to continue pursuing writing in a formal(ish) setting.  (I know, I know… do what you love, who cares about others opinions…)  After getting a couple affirmations, my self-confidence was restored enough that I then looked for a class and bam, here I am in class.

What have I learned thus far in my life as a student?
– I need to read more.  Like, seriously.  Maybe it’s because I’m one of the youngest in the class, by my word.
– the memoir trend is still running hard.  Memoir is an interesting genre.  It’s not really an autobiography, but it’s not really fiction… but that’s just where it’s going to get lumped.  But you put that label “memoir” on it, and people want to assume it’s all true.
– I’m definitely going to be that girl in class who says stuff like “the fish represents God.”  Of course, without the piece and reference that really doesn’t mean much to you… but suffice it to say, I miss being in my post-colonial lit class and feeling like what I have to say is contributing and holds academic merit and what not.  I don’t want to sound lofty and snobbish, but I’d like to come off deeper than a mud puddle.

My piece is getting workshopped next week.  After that, we’ll see how I feel about wanting to apply to grad school.

*I don’t consider blogging to be anything near the writing scene.  To me, being a blogger and being a writer are two different aspects of who I am.