a ghost of done (or: I'm joining a cult?)

Just to preface this… yes, this is another motivational, get shit done post.  I think I need these more than they need to be online.

Yesterday at work, Josh introduced me to what is apparently called the Cult of Done.  Though apparently I’d been introduced to it before because not one day goes by when I work with Josh that he tells me to do something. And we’re not talking about things around the store — I’m still the boss there.

I talk big.  And there is absolutely no question I’m a dreamer.  I’m a curator of ideas.  I can make lists, plot, ploy, and fill notebooks (and hot air) like no other.  And that’s fine.  But it’s not that rewarding.  Josh has basically called “bull shit” on all of it — in a very supportive way, though.

I get inspired by the people around me.  Josh is no exception.  He’s doing big things to reach his dreams and goals.  It’s pretty freaking awesome.  And then my very soon-to-be roommate, Lovely, is also actively working towards her passions.  My blogging community is littered with people following their hearts and just doing amazing things.  And I want to be one of them.

There has to be more than just the financial aspect holding me back.  And honestly, there is.  My looming inhibition is just that I’m not qualified to do these things.  That I’m just tinkering around.  I’m going to get my feet in the water and before I know it, realize I can’t swim.  I’ve become so attached to my dreams I’m afraid to fail.  If I don’t have these things, these aspirations, what do I have?

Failure and mistakes are okay.  Failure and mistakes are okay.  It’ll sink in one day.  And when it does, I’ll be able to let go and actually take a leap.

So, self.  Don’t let things die in the pages of your notebooks.  Do things.  Then do more things.  Mistakes are just an opportunity to learn — and we love learning.  So get going.  Do something.  Remember: Done is the engine of more.

*According to the Cult of Done Manifesto: “If you have an idea and publish it on the internet, that counts as a ghost of done.”