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26 June 2010

On Friday I had the honor of hosting a movie and game night through Brand About Town, Nintendo and Netflix.  An opportunity for my friends and I to gather, watch a movie instantly through Netflix streaming on my Wii… and then play some games.

People gathered, we had a lot of amazing snacks and goodies — mini cupcakes by Sugar Bliss!  A Mario Kart tournament took place (I took 3rd), and some old school Nickelodeon shows were watched.  And overall, it was a grand time.


Now, I say this because during the night a comment was made, and it wasn’t right.  A harsh comment.  “People who are size zero should die.”

I looked at my roommate as she stared blankly, shocked at comment, and the conversation around her.  “But…. I’m a size zero.”

Now.  I love all my friends.  And I realize that none of us are perfect (myself included).  But that comment was just wrong.  Uncalled for.  Spoken out of a personal issue that shouldn’t have been express as it was.

Lovely’s put it down beautifully… and I highly suggest you go over and read her post:

Weight. Stop. Love.

Weight is a very hard, personal thing.  I’ve struggled with it for years, even though I’ve never been overweight.  I’m 5’4″.  And last I checked (which was a while ago) I was around 140-145lbs.  Thing is, I’m still the same size as I was in high school, yet I’ve gained about 20 or so pounds.  (Size 11 in juniors, 6-8 in women’s/misses.)

It’s taken a lot of work for me to just be happy with who I am.  To feel beautiful.  We need to stop perpetuating hate — just like Lovely states — and we need to love each other, and support and uplift each other, for the wonderful, beautiful people we are.

Let’s join her in promoting this message of love and respect.

  • Tabitha

    heyo. So I think I started this discussion by talking about that women I ran into who was size 0 and when she was preggers only went up to a 2. I don’t think I said it but if I did I just wanted to say that I don’t think anyone meant anything hostile by it. Those of us on the other side have a hard time too…as in we have to shop online because stores don’t even carry clothes that fit us…IF they make them in the first place that is, and we have to put up with the jokes called out and the snickers on our behalf when we’re simply going about our day to day business or walking down the street. (not sayin’ that makes up for anything…just sayin’). I believe the comment was made in the spirit of a joke like ‘ugh, rich people should die’ or ‘ugh, he’s so lucky, I hate him’. They don’t actually believe that, they just long for their life to be easier on a day to day basis…

    Not to say that’s right…but to be shocked by that sentiment seems a little too sensitive (which, IMHO is something that is a growing problem in this country right now). And I also wanted to say, and I can’t speak for anyone else there that night, that when I talk about size zero…I’m not talking about healthy people, it’s usually when we’re talking about anorexic looking runway models that eat too little and drink and do drugs too much. Because THAT’S what everyone is told they should look like. But if that’s your natural body size, it always looks great, it just doesn’t look good when it’s forced by starvation and drugs. Which is the direction the conversation went after that comment and I just think it should have been included in the post to be fair to all parties.

  • Tabitha

    ok, so I just read the blog post you linked…and no offense…but I was sitting SUPER close to your roommate and I heard something said but it was so soft I didn’t know what it was. In a minute when you pointed out she was a size zero people IMMEDIATELY said that she wasn’t who were were talking about and that she looked so healthy. For her to put that blog up and not even say anything that happened after the initial comment is something that I’m personally offended by because, unlike the thoughtless comment that happened…writing that post was thought out and took time. If the reason she was offended by a thoughtless 2 second comment was that no one apologized to her and she felt she needed to go into her room…then that’s her choice…no one heard her say anything about it and for her to ignore what everyone said about her looking great and healthy and then go write online about how they are such horrible people is even more disrespectful than what they said IMHO. Sorry if this offends but this is what I think, I’m a logical person so what I think usually offends…I’m used to it.

  • Hi Tabitha.

    This is the roommate.

    The comments spoken after my admission to being a size zero were a blur to me because I was in shock.

    There is a double-standard when it comes to weight that I don’t understand. If I had said, “Fat people should die” then I would have been verbally murdered. (It’s not something I actually believe; it’s just an example)

    I implore you to re-read my post.

    You state that I went online and wrote how they are such “horrible people”…. No where in that entry did I write that. In fact, let’s revisit some of my sentiments.

    “We are all beautiful and wonderful. I wish we could open our eyes to see how amazing we all are. We need to stop tearing one another down and start supporting one another.

    Let’s stop perpetuating hate. Instead, let’s start spreading a message of acceptance. Of uniqueness. Of love.

    Please join me.”

    Please don’t go forward saying that I am disrespectful, because I am trying to garner a world of respect and acceptance. It seems as though you have missed the point of my entire blog post, and I am sorry if what I wrote did not give the message that I was intending to give.
    .-= LovelyAnomaly´s last blog ..Weight Stop Love =-.

  • Trader Snootch

    Hey, did you guys hear about that oil spill?

  • Ugh. I hate that people obsesse over this.

    Who cares about size so long as the person is healthy? I would have smacked whoever said that. Weight is such a personal thing.

    I’m 5’7 and I probably weigh about 150 or so, but I don’t look it at all. It all depends on how you carry the weight. Ofcourse since I model I have to say i weigh less than i do, or a photographer won’t touch me with a 10 foot pole.

    People are idiots.
    .-= Ashli´s last blog ..The first time you looked at her curves you were hooked =-.

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