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20 July 2010

Remember how I have all these big dreams and plans… and I was going to accomplish something….  Yeah.  That’s working out well.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am in a funk.

I’m exhausted from work, have no idea where to even start for these plans, confused about friendships, homesick for China, longing to be with my family (namely my grandfather who’s having surgery because they found cancer), the heat sucks and I’m worried about my cats, more work crap, and probably even more stuff I’m just ignoring as to not add on to the pile.

I’m trying to focus on the positive.  It’s hard when there’s so much you want to be doing, when you want to be at a different place in your life… but you just don’t know how to get there.  Once I feel I’ve untangled one problem another set of knots appear.

How do you guys get out of a funk?

I keep reaching for the stars… but I only feel smaller and smaller…

  • this post struck close to home.

    i get in these funks ALL THE TIME. where everything just seems to be going badly…like i can’t be happy for more than a week at a time. it blows.

    but anyway, i was in a terrible funk at the end of last month–mostly, with HATING my job. soooo, i made a DAY ONE. I wrote down all the things I was going to do to try and fix my situation…because complaining about it doesn’t help. For example, I’m still at the dreadful job, but every day I submit my resume to a new company, and I at least feel like I’m being productive about something.
    Also–I’ve gone through funks before and everything ALWAYS works out…(the last funk I was in back in November, I ended up getting married…) so just remember this is just a phase, and when you get out of it, you’ll be stronger. And hopefully, happier.

    : )
    .-= imerika´s last blog ..I did a grown-up thing yesterday =-.

  • I wish I had an answer, but I’m sadly in the same spot… If you ever need to rant though, or complain, I am here. I know exactly how you feel. =/
    .-= MinD´s last blog ..One-quarter century =-.

    • Erini

      thanks MinD. 🙂 depending on how tonight goes, I’ll probably send an email.
      Hoping things get better… but honestly… not all that hopeful in the reality. which sucks.

  • Meg

    I just found your blog recently, and I too am in one of these funks… jobless and having just been diagnosed with a personality disorder… yeah… I can relate. Motivation can be hard to find, I think we just have to hang on until it comes back little by little. Sometimes it’s baby steps and sometimes it’s just holding on until we have the strength to MAKE baby steps. I hope your strength comes back soon.
    .-= Meg´s last blog ..Too much self-discolsure =-.

  • Are we all in the same club? I was hoping to glean some answers from the comments thread but it seems we’re all in the same kind of funk.

    A funky bunch, if you will, even though you shouldn’t.

    Still, keep us posted if you get an answer of any kind.
    .-= nicopolitan´s last blog ..How To Feel Left Out In A Conference About Community =-.

    • Erini

      Goodness. I think we all are. Can our club have cookies? Maybe cookies are the solution.

      It sucks, because we know what we WANT to do… but without some sort of financial support we just can’t. Or if it’s not finances it’s something else.

      • Meg

        Indeed, unfortunately, there’s always something to hold us back even when we KNOW what we want…

        I said that to my Dad today and he said “And if you think about it, that thing is generally yourself…” I don’t know if that helps anyone else, but it made me think. Keep pressing on, I suppose. One step at a time.
        .-= Meg´s last blog ..Return me to Chicago =-.

  • I pop happy pills and smoke alot of weed.
    And have sex.

    All you can really do is take baby steps towards your goals.

  • Focus on the little dreams, too. Don’t disregard them just because they aren’t the glitter and glamour of a big dream.

    I also make myself write down 3 things that I’ve been thankful for or enjoyed throughout the day before I go to bed. It’s so easy to remember the negative things from the day, but when you have to reflect upon the good, it feels so much better.
    .-= LovelyAnomaly´s last blog ..Splurge =-.

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