The Life and Times of Dexter the Doodle

16 August 2010

I was always one of those kids who, for years, put “Puppy” on their birthday and Christmas lists.  I researched dog breeds, trying to convince my mom that I knew what I was getting into and that I’d find the perfect dog for us.

For my 14th birthday, my mom caved.  We went to the local animal rescue center and were overwhelmed by all the cuteness.  We found two that could have worked.  A small, probably beagle mix, who probably would have bee too hyper and too yippy.  Then there was a little guy with the tag “Cute 4″…. Just a little guy.  Lovable.  Quite.  He was the runt of his litter.  He was ours.

And that’s how Dexter, the little collie-lab-shepherd mix, became the newest addition of our family.

He was a great dog.  He developed pneumonia last month… The found water in his lungs later.  On July 27th — the day I went into the ER — Dexter passed.  He was 12.  He had a good life, despite the occasional seizure.  He was a good friend.  He’ll always be my little puppy.

  • I’m so sorry to hear that…

    I would be bawling if my dog had passed away. He’s only 6 though so I hope I still have many more years with him…

    Hugs to you. It’s good that you recognize he had a great life.

    • Erini

      I had some warning… it’s still been hard. Harder still on my mom. He lived at home with her. *sigh*

      I miss my puppy. I saw him a month before… skinny and a little weak, but tail wagging and smiling.

  • awwww, i’m so sorry 🙁

  • What a beautiful pup. =( Never, ever even a little easy losing a pet, even if you knew it’s coming.

    When my family dog passed away over a year ago, it was tough, but as with your case, much harder on my mom. She still cries when we talk about Licorice.

    And when I saw her for the last time, she was the same way — weak, skinny, sadly ready to give up yet that tail wagged and I was so happy to know she remembered me after years of living away. (I’m so crying right now.) I’m sure you feel the same way as I do, but I am very glad I had that final goodbye, even if I wasn’t exactly ready for it.

    • Erini

      I had a sort of goodbye a month before… it wasn’t enough. I was due to come home on Wednesday… even if the hospital had not kept me, I would still have been a day late to see my pup. 🙁

      I think I need to find a pup here to love on for a few hours… Puppy therapy always helps.

  • Sorry to hear this Erini, he was such a cute dog and so sweet!

    • Erini

      I owe you big thanks for letting us take that pit stop at home so I could see him! Meant a lot to me.

  • that really was a horrible day. i hope he wasn’t in pain or anything when he passed *hugs*

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