Protected: a little lonely and a lot confused.

4 September 2010

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  • Bleh, this blows. But honestly, I think you’re biting the bullet on this one. This guy had two options–he could have manned up and shown a committment to you by helping you out when you really needed someone during all of this…or he could completely disappear because he’s too much of a wuss to deal with anything remotely serious…

    i guess it comes down to: what kind of guy do you want in your life? and don’t you deserve better?

    • Erini

      It sort of does. You’re right. He and I need to have our talk. Granted, he makes me amazingly happy… but it did hurt that he sort of started disappearing. When we’re together things are perfect. But, otherwise, he needs to step up again and start initiating things once more.

      I think he and I will be, and can be fine. We just need to have some time where it’s just the two of us. Not at the bar. Some place where we can actually talk.

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