Fall, in love

23 September 2010

It’s Fall, or Autumn if you so choose.  Regardless, the days of sweaters and brightly colored (albeit dying) leaves are here.  While I don’t really favor one season over the next, fall does have a special place in my heart…

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We’ve got a working fireplace in the apartment.  One word: s’mores.  I’m also mildly addicted to things like hot chocolate, chai lattes, hot cider, and other hot sipping beverages.  Squash-based foods, like pumpkin spice cakes and donuts… heaven.  Trips to the apple orchard for cider, donuts, and of course, apples…  Cardigans. Every day.

Fall’s a season you can cuddle with.

What are you looking forward to this fall season?

  • HA. You know we can’t *actually* use our fireplace for s’mores, right?

    • Erini

      If I can get a fire going in that thing, s’mores will be had…..
      I’ve made stovetop s’mores in the past, but we have a real fireplace here so….

      • LovelyAnomaly

        You think our landlord bothered to have a chimney sweep? Hehe. We don’t even have a fireplace screen or anything else to keep the place safe. I’mma stick to microwave s’mores.

  • That’s a good idea! We’ve got a semi working fireplace… wonder if it’s safe to light, hmm.

    Anyway since you asked, this fall I’m looking forward to the last few months of my wife’s pregnancy. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled at your smores idea.

    • Erini

      My grandparent’s got me pre-made, chocolate covered s’mores once. Next best thing to get the wifey if you can’t do a little indoor romantic s’moresfest. 😉

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