there's a phone in the bathroom! (or, hello from Quebec!)

We safely, and finally, made it to Canada.

Of course, not before stopping at the Ben & Jerry’s factory for a tour (free sample!).  Then a local orchard, famous for their cider donuts and other yummy things (free samples!).  And then a cheese outlet/shop (we had already passed the main factory)… which was next door to a chocolate shop (free samples! at both!)

I spent most of the day feeling all right… but like hot flashes,  I’d get this crazy wave of nausea and just feel like crap for a while.  Riding in the very back of our monster van didn’t help.  The seatbelt kept sitting wrong against my stomach, and every little bump with the vibration of sitting above a tire… yeah… I wasn’t doing so hot.

Anyway.  We ferried over here… Made it through border patrol.  My cell is now disabled and off — not after one last call to The Bartender.  A quick stop for dinner at the PFK (aka KFC for those still state side), and we’re at our hotel for the night.  Queen sized bed all to myself.

No clue at all what the plan is.  We’re in Montreal.  We’ll explore.  But, well, we’re heading off to yet another place tomorrow… and then by Saturday we’ll be in Toronto… Sunday I fly home.  But for now, my unhappy tummy, sore body and I are going to enjoy a hot shower, free Canadian television and freshly linened sheets.