this is not why I wear pink {giveaway}

As you may have guessed, October is a hard month for me.  Or, to say the least, I have an interesting relationship with it.  And part of the issue is all the pink.

“But Rini, don’t you love pink? You have pink hair!”  … okay.  Well, as you can see in the picture, the pink hair is pretty much gone.  (Temporarily.)  Also, don’t let that or any of the other pink things I own fool you — as it did my mom — pink is not my favorite color.  Grey holds that honor.  However, I find pink extremely amusing, thus I like to keep it around.

The problem with the October pink… it represents something.  It holds a meaning.  It’s a bright, burning reminder that I lost my stepmom.  She died.  Gone.  It wasn’t pretty.  It wasn’t bright nor cheerful.  It sure as hell wasn’t sexy.  It wasn’t pink.  Karen opted not to receive chemo or radiation.  She was stuck in bed for most of her last days.  It was to the point that she had to have a rubber sheet for when she couldn’t control her bodily functions.  The woman we buried in the casket, that’s not the stepmom I had come to know and love — even though we had our differences.  She was waxy and swollen from retaining water.  None of these things I would ever consider relating with pink.

However, for many others, this pink has a different message.  One I shouldn’t ignore.  For others it’s the color of hope.  It’s the color of community.  For many others, wearing pink — even just for this one month — is a sign that we’re all here to support you through this battle.

As part of their Mission Pink campaign, Hanes is partnering with Susan G Komen — this year offering a “Design & Buy” program which will allow you to design your own shirt.  You create the message you want to share.  Hanes is donating 10% from all the custom designs to Komen for the Cure.  On top of this, for the second year, Hanes is offering their pink collection.  It includes the shirt I’m wearing above… and thanks to Hanes, I’ve got one to give away to you!

So who in your life has been effected by breast cancer? To enter, leave a comment with the name (or names — just leaving first, or even initials, is fine) of those you’d wish to honor, remember, and just in general hold in The Light.  Feel free to share your relation to them or any other memory you’d wish to share.  You can tweet their name with a link here if you’d like…  If you create a custom shirt, send me a photo! (dork{at}adorkableme{dot}com)  After the contest, I’ll compile all the names and photos.  A winner will be announced Monday, October 18th.  (Short time frame, but I want to get the shirt out as soon as possible!)  Be sure to include your email in the comment form so I can contact you about shirt size and mailing address.

Hanes (Partnered with Susan G Komen) approached me with a complimentary tshirt as well as the opportunity to give one to a reader.  The thoughts and sentiments expressed above are my own.