(hipster) rainbow cupcakes

So, I’ve been trying wanting make these for quite a while.  Eying them on various cupcake sites.  I had to make them.  I had to eat them.

Ladies and Gents, here is what I call (hipster) rainbow cupcakes.

The ingredients (well, minus what the cake mix calls for)…

What you need:
– White cake mix (and whatever it needs, eggs, oils, all that stuff…)
– Food coloring (I like the neon colors)
– Icing.  Whatever kind you want.
– At least 5 bowls and wisks/mixing utensils — one for every color you’re gonna whip up.
– Cupcake tins (and foils if that’s what you like…)

a bowl for every color…

Mix up the cake mix exactly like the box says to…  If it says to use egg whites, you can use the yolk too — it just adds calories.  (To that I say, meh.)  After the cake is mixed, divide it into smaller bowls — one for every color you plan on using.  Then, add color!  The back of the food coloring boxes tend to have color guides that help you mix or just freestyle it.

such a pretty mess…

Then, put it in the cupcake pan!  Use papers or foils if you want.  But just glop in mix, in whatever color order you want.

to fill or over fill?

They say only fill them 2/3 the way… but well, I found this made shorties.  Meh.  Anyway.  Make a mess of them.  DO NOT MIX THEM WITH A UTENSIL IN THE PAN!  Seriously.  You should know better.  All those awesome colors you just mixed will blend into one blob.  Then pop them in the oven and bake them according to what the box mix says…

hot hot hot!

Let them cool!  Take them out and put them on a cooling rack if you want, but don’t ice them yet!  And hold off on the nomming too.  Personally, since I don’t use papers/foils, I tend to use a paper towel to help pull these puppies out.  If you want to do rainbow icing… I suggest putting them in bowls, mixing, then bagging them.  You can use ziplocks rather than shelling out the big bucks for icing bags.  Just snip a corner and squeeze.  You could probably use those decorative metal tips too… I’d suggest putting them in the bag first, then the icing… maybe secure them with some tape on the outside.  ANYWAY.  Ice the after they cool.


Then nom away!  Some colors will turn out better than others.  There will be some browning on the outside.  If you wanted to go crazy, put some sprinkles in the mix before you bake… it’s be even more rainbow-y.

Make your own and send me pictures!