Enthused: Professor Layton & The Unwound Future

About a month ago I received a super awesome package from Nintendo & Brand About Town…  (Have I mentioned I love BAT?  They’re incredible and make me want to do my happy dance 24/7.  Not to mention that Justine is probably one of these sweetest persons I’ve ever met.)  Anyway.  Once I stopped bouncing around in joy I got down to ripping into this great gift: The lastest installment of the Professor Layton series: Professor Layton & The Unwound Future… and this kickass swanky mini top hat*.

This is actually the first Prof. Layton game I’ve ever played, but I love puzzle and strategy games.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good round of SMASH & KILL too… but I’d probably pick a strategy game first.  Best thing about this series, even though it’s a story driven game, you can just jump in with any title.  I don’t need to know anything about the game to get started.  It gives me little “how to’s” along the way in case I do need some help.

I also have a mildly short attention span for story based games… Luckily that’s not an issue with this.  There’s enough puzzles thrown in that it’s not too long before I find another one and dive right in.

If I can give you any hint about the puzzles:

  • Don’t over think them all.  Yeah, some of them are tricky.  But some times it is the easy answer.
  • Use the freaking memo function! Doodle all over that screen until you figure it out.  It truly does help.

I want to give a HUGE thanks to BAT & Nintendo for this awesome package.  Without it, my hours stuck at the airports for my recent vacation would have sucked majorly.  Also, now that I have a 90-minute commute one way… yeah… going to beat this game.

*With such a swanky top hat… I did what any nintendo enthused gal would do… Put it on my cats.

Tuija: “Where’s the bunny??”