#reverb10: I get by with a little help from my friends… (400th post!)

I signed up for this thing called #reverb10. A month full of prompts guided to help me reflect on this past year and focus on goals for the next.

December 16: Friendship.
How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst? (Author: Martha Mihalick)

I couldn’t think of a better topic for my 400th post.

I’ve learned a lot from friends and about friendships this year.  From both sides of the spectrum.  I’ve had people surprise me in both good ways and well, sadly not-so-good ways.  It’s been an interesting year, yet again in terms of friendships.  I won’t be able to capture it all, but I would like to highlight a few* of the positive ones.

I think the person who challenged me the most, in positive ways, would be Josh.  I remember the exact moment we met — I was working in the back of the toy store, in the Thomas section and up walks with pure confidence this attractive guy with hair you just wanted to run your hands through.  Bright eyes and a dazzling smile.  And he was walking straight to me.  It was exactly like the movies.  Within a few weeks we had hired him.  Josh has a great view on the world.  He gets you excited about things, to think about things differently — he expertly encourages you to be curious.  I could have the shittiest day ever, and Josh makes it all better.  He sings, he dances, he plays the ukelele.  He’s amazingly charming.  (Yes, he was fully aware of my crush on him — it was actually a topic of discussion on numerous occasions.)  Anyway, I couldn’t be happier that he’s following his dream — he’s starting a summer camp here in the city.

Of course, I’d be remissed if I neglected my blogging friends — though, well, naming them all would make for quite the list.  But there’s been one friendship that’s grown more this year.  We didn’t meet by chance, we met by Jenn — we were both attending BlogHer ’09 via LobbyCon, so Jenn suggested we hang out.  I owe big thanks to Jenn… maybe a cupcake or two.  But it was through that event that Rebekah and I started our friendship.  I couldn’t imagine watching the World Cup without her.  I completely love and appreciate that she messages me just to check in.  I love even more when she visits — like she will this weekend (and I’m looking forward to fun times with her, her boy, Stacey and Jenny).  She writes, plays Gaelic Football, and is just pretty damn awesome all around — and beautiful.  She’s the type of female friend I love having — I don’t worry about stupid, trivial drama that I’ve known with other females.  And for that, I owe Rebekah a couple cupcakes too — and maybe some shots too.

I’ve been in awe of Rachel‘s design work.  I’m jealous of the adventures Jenn goes on, and that she gets to hang out with Nico.  (I’m also completely jealous of all the Colorado bloggers for having amazing wine-filled get togethers.)  I love seeing people like John and Rachel grow in their photography.  I love Mindy‘s ability to make all sorts of random faces on dailybooth and still look beautiful.  I always blush a little when Brandon reblogs my design posts.  I absolutely love the enthusiasm and support Michelle has for the community.  I am absolutely thrilled for Erin and Rachel and their new babies.  Even though the universe seems to keep us apart, I’m thankful for the humor and laughter LiLu brings.  I don’t miss the job, but I miss Cassandra, Harriet and Mayo.  You’ve heard enough of this, but of course I’m thankful for Chris.  It’s been hard to have so much distance between me and my best friend, but I couldn’t be happier for Chrissy and her new husband Kyle.  I’m grateful that a lack of taxis lead to me meeting Melissa, Sara, and Bryan — and a lack in a date that lead to Chrissy introducing me to Jim so I’d have a dance partner.  I’m thankful for my coworkers who’ve helped make me feel welcomed and like a part of the family, despite all the layoffs.  I’m forever grateful and still love my nerds: Elanor, Mark, Small Ronnie, Paul, Susie, Tabitha, Justin, Ert, Dave, David, David, Greg, Steiny/Batman, Rick, Andy, Andy, Tony, Larry, Nick, Jay, Vanessa, Megan, and all the other nerds and cheerleaders I haven’t named. I’m thankful for Dani, who has never stopped encouraging me and pushing me forward in my writing.  I’m so proud of Neal for cycling across the lower 48.  I’m looking forward to moving closer to Abby, Jess, and Becca.  For my new puppy friend, Sydney (Chris’s dog, rather, his ex’s dog).  And of course, my two little crazy furball kitties, Tuija and Kaija.

I know I’ve left people out.  If I were to list everyone, I’d still be typing past Christmas.  But know, I’ve appreciated all of my friendships.  I know I hermit a lot — I’m quite comfortable being alone — but without my friends my life would be completely dull and pretty much impossible to get through.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Love and cupcakes.

*Few. HA.  I tried… okay, maybe not.  (Drafting this up on 750words.com meant that I was sort of encouraged to keep going and going…)