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21 December 2010

Taking a quick break from the Reverb10 prompts for a bit.

In the past few days I have decided to reacquaint myself with Adobe Illustrator.  I generally find I’m really comfortable with Photoshop and InDesign, but Illustrator was just that forgotten middle child of design for me.  I was never certain quite what to do with it.  Then I remembered the magic of the pen tool — and well, I’ve been having fun ever since.

It all started with a little … Tweet…

Well after that I wanted to do another.  Something a little brighter…

And then I had so much fun with that one I wanted to try something a little more… exotic… maybe a bit more challenging…

And that by far, as been one my favorite pieces that I’ve created.  In fact, I liked this crane so much, I decided to do another…

His hair got a little weird, but overall I like it.

It was at this point, after 4 completed birds, that I decided to take some requests.  And first up is the last of the completed birds thus far…

A hummingbird. I’m still adjusting to whether I like the contrast between the wings and the rest of the body, but I’m happy with it.  Of course, the next thing shouted out to me across the interwebs has been for me to complete a peacock.  Which I’ve toyed with the idea, but wasn’t sure I’d be up to it.  However, I am going to go a head and try it.  Worse case? I waste a few hours and delete the file.  (Have you seen a white peacock?  They’re sort of amazing, and I kind of want one to bring out for special occasions and all… well, minus the whole “owning a peacock” thing.)

Anyway.  The point of this is — I’m happy.  I’m creating again.  I’d put off most of my artistic and creative endeavors (at least my personal ones) for a while now and I’m extremely happy to be creating again.  Now, I’m not looking forward to the possibility of losing my trusty MacBook this week (it’s the company’s computer) — because with it goes my only functioning copy of Creative Suite 5.  (My iMac is still dead… I could survive with CS3 if that thing would work.)

I’m still taking requests for more birds.  And maybe I’ll step out and do some other animals too.  But I’ve got some awesome looking vultures, a shoe bill (possibly one of my favorite birds now), and some owls lined up… but I’d love to get some more ideas.  The goal is by January 1 to have a shop opened on Etsy with prints from this series available for sale.  For those of you who requested birds here or via twitter before January 1st, I’ll set up a little discount for you as a way of saying thanks.  (Even if I haven’t created your bird yet.)

  • the first is still my fave 🙂 i was going to suggest a raven, but they’re so dark. if i think of anything else, i’ll shout out. the peacock would be cool!

    • Erini

      Aw, thanks! I think there might be more Twitter inspired birds to come. And a raven might happen… It’d be an interesting challenge.

  • Justine

    I like the hummingbird… I’m kind of obsessed with hummingbirds, actually. The Etsy print shop is a good idea 🙂

    • Erini

      I’ve been toying with the idea for a long time now, but I think I’ve got a concrete product line now. 🙂

  • Nose E.

    how did you make the birds? that’s what I want to know. Live trace and then live paint?

    • Erini

      nope not at all. It’s 100% Pen tool, Paintbrush and Blob Brush.
      That’s why there are imperfections.

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