Merry Christmas; We're letting you all go.

Well, I’ve danced around this for a while.  This new job of mine has been a bit of a roller coaster.  First our main product line pulled out, leaving us without a brand to carry/sell.  Then we had to court potential buyers.  And then as of last week, or officially yesterday, our buyer with the highest potential backed down.  So, now our entire company — a company that is a hair away from it’s 60th anniversary — it’s all being liquidated.  They’re closing everything down.

I’m now in the ranks of the funemployed.  And unfortunately, no job = no apartment.  I am still moving, but well… it’s unfortunately out of Chicago.  I will be in the middle of corn fields in Indiana.  Living with my father, stepmom, 4 younger half sisters and a foreign exchange student.  Yes, I will be the 8th person in the house.  I will be living in part of the basement — where my father’s office is, and also where my cats must stay.

This is completely temporary.  My mom’s house is too far from the city to have a productive job search.  And my cat that lives there, Bear, would probably eat my cats.  My brother’s house is also too far, and his landlord is very strict on the “no pets” rule.  So it’s dad’s house.  Until I can find another job in the city, it’s dad’s house.

I’m going to keep working on my art, and apply to as many jobs as possible in the mean time.  I’m going to visit the city — as often as I can.  And, hopefully, if I can work some sort of magic, I will be doing some traveling.  Maybe Seattle.  Maybe Miami.  Maybe DC.  Not sure yet.

Besides seeing the people I’ve grown to enjoy these past three months have to leave their jobs too… I think I’m most upset about losing my health insurance.  With no changes to my condition in 5 months, surgery is becoming more of a reality.  Which means, I’ve got to get this taken care of before the end of the month.  (Well, either that or get it taken care of with Cobra.)

It’s some big changes, but overall, I’m not terribly worried.  As I look towards the next few months, the next year — I see so many possibilities.  I’m extremely excited.  Anxious for the next thing to come, and not really wanting to move into my dad’s, but still excited.

If anyone knows of some graphic design, print design, social media, or entry-level marketing jobs in Chicago, PLEASE hit me up.  I’d be very grateful.  I’ve got an ever growing portfolio at Behance.