choosing your year

I’ve been trying to think about the upcoming year.  About 2011.  What I want from it.  My hopes, my goals.  How do I invision this year to come, who will play important roles, and more importantly, how do I see myself.  Where do I see myself?  2011 is a blank page, with so many possibilities.

I want sun soaked colors, warm and inviting.  Colors of a rising sun… over a body of water or a meadow.  Fall leaves.  Colors that provoke hope.  I want music with guitar and strings, with pianos and horns — music with glockenspiel.  I want music that is not necessarily sad, but thoughtful and full of love.  I want breezes that dance with you.  I want sweater dresses and belts and tights.  I want rufflely shirts and cardigans.  I want boots and scarves — sequins and lace.  I want warm sugar with a touch of vanilla.  Rosemary, apples, and pears.  Hot chocolate in a good mug.  Rooibus steeped in milk in the mornings.  I want picture frames, pillows and blankets.  Late night laughter.  Brunch.  Lots of brunches.  I want forts, inside and out.

If I could choose my 2011, that’s what I would choose.

What 2011 would you choose?