and then I got on etsy… (with a Dastardly shout out)

4 January 2011

Being at my dad’s has given me a lot of free time.  My sisters aren’t really allowed to watch TV, which means I can’t either since at least one of them is always in the living room too.  I also don’t have my tv set up in my room yet — which wouldn’t have cable, but I’d have my Wii & dvd player.  However, the basement is extremely cold and I’ve made really good friends with the wood-burning stove upstairs.  Thus.  Free time.  Lots of it.

So, I made good on one of my goals.  I opened an etsy shop.

I only have a few 8×10 Tweet. prints listed — and I’ve already had my first sale!  I plan on posting more, some 5x7s as well as new designs.  But for now, you can totally buy my stuff.  And I completely have this diluted vision that I’ll be able to completely support myself from my etsy sales and I’m going to be this amazing artist and get to finally live this unconventional life I’m almost sick of reading about.  It’s totally going to happen.

I also want to give a quick shout out to a band, but not just any band.  (And no, it’s actually not Mucca…)  I’ve really been enjoying the music by a Chicago group called Dastardly.  The lead singer, Gabe, happened to be my first kiss of the New Year… followed by their drummer, who happens to be one of my friends & bandmates, Andy T.  (The night was filled with Happy New Years kisses by musicians.)  Anyway, I’ve been enjoying them quite a bit and think you should check them out.  (and then go buy my stuff.)

  • cow

    congrats on the print sale! you are living my dream. sigh. did someone you know buy the print, or was it a stranger? also, which print did you sell? you know what, you could also sell instructions on how to make the prints. I would buy that. It looks fun. I’ve seen people sell instructions on etsy.

    • Erini

      Thanks Nose_E/Cow. Technically I don’t know the woman who bought it, but I do “know” her via the blogging community and twitter. She purchased the “Tweet” blue bird print.

      • cow

        Sorry to confuse you with the name change. I’m feeling particularly cow-ish today.

        • Erini

          No worries. No confusion. 🙂

  • Wow your prints are awesome! I’ll likely order something once I have some spare cash..the boyfriend and I need to decorate our apartment badly.

    • Erini

      Aw, why thank you!

      If you have any custom requests, let me know! I’ve been working on a handful of designs, just haven’t listed them on etsy yet. Rather post something I know someone wants than just make wild guesses. 🙂

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