building forts.

12 January 2011

Last night my dad and stepmom built “walls” for my “room”.  They wanted to give me a bit more privacy, and a better sense of feeling at home.  But essentially, what they did, was build me a fort.

And despite the fact that the basement is still cold, there was definitely a change in not only myself, but my cats onces these “walls” were up.  Tuija and Kaija love that the “door” was raise off the ground to kitty height (unintentionally).  They also seem to be big fans of “I can’t see you, you can’t see me” — so as long as there’s not a whole bunch of commotion on the other side of those sheets then they’re fine believing there’s nothing over there at all.  Cloth as these may be, the walls add some element of security.

And though I’m trying to be aware of what figurative forts I’ve been building, I’m not going to put any limits on the literal ones!  I may be turning 27 this year, but um, I’m really okay with saying that I live in a fort.  (And you can bet if I move into a studio when I return to the city, I’m gonna build a fort for my bedroom.)

“I want forts, inside and out.” – Choosing your year.

  • I miss building forts. I used to build some pretty awesome ones. Then get yelled at for making a huge mess.

    • Erini

      DITTO. I’m trying to think of all the things I can do downstairs to make my “room” more fort-y. I think I need a massive pile of pillows, some flash lights, and some stuffed animals. And maybe a secret stash of candy (of wait, I’ve got that!)

  • Way to make the best of it! I’m a fan of small enclosed spaces. Okay, not like coffin-sized, but you know, small rooms. They’re great for reading and dreaming!

    • Erini

      Thanks! It’s definitely been an adjustment to live here. Technically I’ve never lived with my dad, other than before my parents were divorced — so there are some (big) challenges. The fort helps. And having my two best fur-buddies.

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