small adventures with vicodin!

My nemesis has returned over the past few days.  This stupid Endo pain.  The constant hasn’t been mind-numbing or drop-me-to-the-ground, but the stabbing parts, when it peaks… yeah, those haven’t been pleasant.  Anyway.  Deciding not to play around, I brought out my little friend… Vicodin.

For a long while I’ve been one of those “hold off on the meds” persons — only taking them if I really and truly needed something.  But well, when it comes to the matter of the womanly-bits… I’m not so hesitant any more.  Endometriosis sucks.  I might look fine and healthy, but oh no, at any given moment that stupid mass of endometrial crap might start giving me trouble.  The new medications have done their job in terms of completely stopping my cycle.  That’s been super.  However, the pain is still there.  This means surgery — something that was supposed to be scheduled this month, but due to my lack of insurance I can’t.

ANYWAY.  So, starting on Sunday the pain has been increasing.  Go to last night where no amount of time with the heating pad would help.  So, like I said, I brought out my little friend Vicodin.  I took it later at night, around 9 or 9:30.  Normally, vicodin doesn’t really effect me too much other than just taking away the pain and knocking me out.  In fact, that and morphine are the only two I’ve had great success with in just eliminating the pain (aka blocking all receptors).  However, not the case this time…

Maybe it’s because I broke mom’s #1 rule about vicodin: always take it with food.  Not sure why, but last night, the vicodin definitely took a bit different effect.  The pain wasn’t completely gone, but I wasn’t focused on it.  It’s hard to describe the feeling now that it’s gone… but yeah, I was in a slightly different state of mind.  I was absolutely NOT tired.  Everything was a bit tingly.  Oh.  And I was twitchy as all hell.  When I finally did decide to go to bed (only because I had accidentally unplugged my laptop, and not after deciding to give away a custom designed header to the first 3 people who contacted me)… well, any little thing made me jump.  I think the cats knew this.  I think they were in on it.  But yeah.  Twitchy as hell.

Eventually I did fall asleep, and as always, vicodin dreams are generally pretty interesting.  This time though, I just remember there was this on-winged one-engined airplane type thing that was spinning around and then I watched it crash… and then I ran as to avoid the shockwave… which did hit me as I was trying to dive out of the way.  My chest is still sore this morning.

Anyway.  Maybe next time I’ll live blog/tweet everything.

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