Rini finds a Psaltery (or: yet another excuse to mildly embarrass myself online)

25 January 2011

This past weekend I finally got to go down and visit my mom.  I actually cannot remember the last time I was able to visit home — it was probably some time around very late December 2009.  So, it was nice to be home again.  My mom’s completely re-immersed herself as a musician.  And with this, she’s been buying new toys.  The newest one?  A handmade bowed psaltery.  So after playing with it for five minutes, I decided let’s put this on the interwebs!  And that’s just what I did…

It’s actually really fun to play, and I wouldn’t mind having one of my own some day.  (Or just taking mom’s…)  To get a real sense of this instrument, I suggest checking out videos of people who actually know how to play this thing.

and I was serious about the hammer dulcimer…

(and of course, I’m still looking for help to achieve my dream…)

And of course, my mom decides to make fun of me on facebook:

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