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21 February 2011


So, it’s pretty obviously that living back at home — in the middle of no where Indiana — that I’m bored more often than not.  And honestly, Internets, I love you, but I guess I’m not abusing you enough.  So here’s a little bit of what I’m doing to keep myself from getting too deep into a case of the BOREDS.

  • sleep – it’s true, naps help pass the time quite well.  And it’s always a bonus if you can drift off into an entertaining dream.
  • chatting – for some reason, I never installed adium on this mac.  So now it’s installed and pretty much on all the time.  Seriously.  It’s been a nice way of keeping in touch with friends — whether from Chicago or not.  I’ve been able to keep up with a couple lovely ladies, as well as um, enjoy some evenings talking to a cute boy about preserved meats (and other things)…
  • 20sb – yep, this 16k+ community is keeping me active.  Especially now that I’m a Community Moderator Co-Leader.  So this means I spend a lot of time in the forums, cleaning and organizing… Trying to maintain some sanity as I try to do so.  And help out with membership approvals.  I’m enjoying it mostly, and am very excited about upcoming events with 20sb.
  • trashy vampire novels – I plan on doing a whole series review, but because my romantic life is nonexistent, I’ve taken to fantasy.  Yep.  Hasn’t necessarily helped much.  I can generally read a whole book in a day, but I’m starting to pace myself some.
  • create graphics – like this little thing.  yeah.  But at least I do have some freelance work lined up.  So that’ll help.
  • video games – though my sisters tend to hijack my sleeve of game discs, I’ve gotten some chances to steal back my games.  Seriously loving Mario Sports Mix… and there’s talks of a 20sb tournament.
  • netflix – I’m exploring the DEPTHS of netflix’s instant streaming.  I had to stop watching Rescue Me.  I liked the show, but I share the basement with my dad’s office, and well, there’s a bit too much sex at times for me to feel comfortable having the volume on.  Some of the movies I watched.. well, I’m embarrassed that I did watch them.  But I would have never paid to see it — YES, I realize that technically I am paying to see it on netflix, but the more shows I watch the cheaper the embarrassing stuff gets.  Anyway.  My netflix channel on my Wii is getting abused daily.

It doesn’t seem like much, but it does get my through the day-to-day.  Plus, making plans also helps.  I’m taking my Chinese exchange sister (my MeiMei) out to dinner tomorrow, with some mall walking sister bonding time in there too.  I’m going to head into the city this week and talk with a temp agency or too.  Try to get working on moving back.  And well, um, a date this week too.

So yeah.  How do you fight the BOREDS, and what would you recommend on Netflix instant streaming? (I’ve seen a number of series: Firefly, Dexter, Veronica Mars, Weeds… I just need more, shows & movies.)

  • i recommend pushing daisies (dramedy?) and morbito (anime) if you haven’t seen them 🙂 i also suggest seaquest dsv, sliders and quantum leap for “omg i love sci fi and bad acting” days hah

    • Erini

      I’ve seen some of these… Pushing Daises I liked, but I couldn’t get into the second season… and I’ve been a Seaquest fan since it was on TV… 😉

      But I will definitely look into these others! I did find that most of the seasons of Scrubs is on there — which is great, light, “just before bed” watching.

      Thanks Michelle!

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