that whole "job" thing…

4 March 2011

So, with my plans leaning towards moving to Chicago… leaning so much I’m practically on the floor…  Well, there’s that whole matter of that “job” and “employment” thing.

I’ve never really understood how some 20-somethings have been able to do this whole “alternative/non-traditional” career life.  And I’ll admit, sometimes I wonder if some of them had been set up nicely by their folks.  I mean, if my family was well off, I’m sure they’d help me some too.  But yeah, never quite been able to figure out just how they’ve made it work, but I’m still struggling.

I mean.  I’m awesome.  Can’t I just snap my fingers and life be amazing?  Oh wait.  Yeah.  It’s life.

Anyway.  That’s neither hear nor there.  The fact is, when I get back to Chicago, I’m going to need a job.  Maybe two.

Since I’m pursuing my dream via school, I’m somewhat giving up on the idea of getting a job actually in my field or that would even utilize my creativity.  The goal at this point is for a steady income.  And that income has got to do three things: pay for school, pay for rent, go towards my debt.  Any thing left after that will be put towards food.

I’d love to have something that plays into my skills and passions.  I applied to a paid, part-time internship yesterday — with many thanks to Renee & BZ for sharing it!  My fingers are crossed like crazy for this one.  I cannot think of a better opportunity — a design internship while I’m taking design classes.  The learning will never stop, and that is AWESOME.

Anyway.  You can bet your ass I’m going to also put my name in for all those jobs I’d prefer not to have.

Like I said… fingers crossed for the internship.

  • Cat

    Buh. Hear hear. Am a bagel monger at Panera. For pay-the-rent jobs, I highly recommend food and food-service. They crush your soul, but they’re always open, usually have flexible hours and have the added benefit of cheap if not free sustenance.

    • Erini

      Yeah, I’ve done food service before. I think regardless, I’ll probably pick up some hours at a starbucks. I’ve been nervous about waitressing again, since my health isn’t what it used to be.. but I might attempt it. Or see into serving at a bar maybe…

      … if I get the apartment I’m leaning towards (man, I’m doing a lot of leaning lately).. there’s a movie theatre near by.. I could do *that* again. Fun times.

  • Fingers crossed, that would be awesome.

    • Erini

      Thanks Christopher! 🙂

  • I’m doing the whole starving-artist-sleeping-on-a-couch thing right now. It isn’t so bad. I get you though on looking for *any* job. In addition to every writing internship I can find, I’ve applied for many a waitress/barista/whatever-else jobs.

    • Erini

      I’d be more tempted to stay at my folk’s (despite some of the frustrations) if the commuting wasn’t so difficult. I just don’t have reliable transportation to get me to and from the train station (a 45 minute drive) every day for school.

      Best of luck in your search!

  • This definitely stinks but keep in mind that it’s only to get you through school and after you’re done with school you’ll be able to do what you want. (Although, I definitely understand now doing what you studied/want to do)

    • Erini

      yeah, I’m going to have to create a vision board to keep me going through all the hard times. definitely excited about this, though! 🙂

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