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9 March 2011

I’m reaching that point where I’m itching for change.  However, change can be hard when you’re broke.

I can’t get a new tattoo (it was going to be a 1-UP mushroom from Super Mario Bros.)
I can’t put pink back in my hair (darn you Jenn for pinking up your hair and looking awesome — you make me miss mine!).
I can’t get a puppy.
I can’t even get a pedicure.

However, despite this, I trying not to get too upset with my current situation.  And well, there are some things I can control and change.

This site. While I haven’t changed too much, I did some tweaking.  (If you’re in a reader, click through to see the changes.)  The header got an update — I changed the dino a while ago, but I finally replaced my old tag line.  No longer is it “damn cute. damn awesome. I win.”  Though that’s still true.  It’s now a tiny bit more humble, “a little nerdy. a lot awesome. completely adorkable.”  I also decided to clean up my sidebar a bit more.  Even though that included adding two more social media badges (LinkedIn and Pinterest — which in the just over a month that I’ve been using it, I’m COMPLETELY addicted.  Love this site like crazy!)  I’m still not 100% satisfied with my sidebar, but it’ll do.  Oh.  And I added a Hello Bar up on top.  (I’ve got invites to both Pinterest & Hello Bar if you’re interested.)

Twitter. Decided a while ago to maybe become more anonymous on twitter.  Not much really, but maybe to keep @erinichristine for a more professional purpose and think of an adorkable one for everything else.  Well, though @adorkableme isn’t being used, it’s not available.  So I’ve set up @myadorkablelife.  It’s long, but it’ll do.  So go follow me.  Go on.  I’ll wait.

Church Stuff. I’ve really loved going to the local Friends Meeting here.  It’s about a 25 minute drive, but it’s not too bad.  It’s also a small group that doesn’t have their own church building.  But I don’t mind any of that.  It’s the first church I’ve gone to in a while were it’s just felt like home from the beginning.  And I actually miss it if I can’t go.  So now I finally have a church to attend while I’m at my dad’s.  I try to keep my faith out of here, mainly because I’m not really the preachy type.  But this is something very good for me.  They’re already sad that I might be leaving, but they’re happy about what’s coming up — they’re really supportive of my choice to go to school, and they’ve even suggested a new meeting to attend in Chicago!  And in other Quakerly things… I’m starting to do queries and write down my reflections.  I think I’d like to make myself available to become a clerk or an elder one of these days, so I want to prepare myself for that.

Hair. I’m becoming increasingly more bothered with my hair lately.  I don’t care much for my bangs any more.  Overall, my hair is just not flattering any more.  So I think I might cave and shell out the $11 to get my hair cut.  Probably one of those two styles (found via Pinterest!)  The hardest thing is just dealing with finding a new style that won’t look super awkward because of my bangs.  (So send suggestions and ideas!!)  Granted, the last time I got my hair cut way out here in nowhere Indiana, it looked horrible… so maybe I’ll have to really search for a good yet cheap place to go.

  • There are a couple beauty schools in Mishawaka that I used to get my hair cut at. I think Vogue Beauty School was only $5 and it was a really nice cut.

    Also, I’d love to read more about your Quaker faith. I’m fascinated by it and have considered it for myself in recent years.

    • Erini

      I’ll look into Vogue… Mishawaka is about an hour and half drive. There’s probably something similar in Valpo or Merrillville.

      I’ll try to write some more about growing up Quaker — it’s definitely shaped who I am a lot. Also, you’re more than welcome to join me at the Friends church in Chicago some Sunday when I move back. I’ve never been to any other than the one in Evanston, but I’m told there’s a decent young adult population at the one in north center/uptown. (which I wish I would have known when I lived only blocks away!)

  • Aw a 1-up mushroom would be sooo cool. My roommate just got a bob-omb tatoo.

    As for the new the new slogan, I think its adorkable!

    • Erini

      thanks! eventually I’ll get that tattoo… just won’t be any time soon (like when I go to Nintendo HQ in Seattle at the end of the month…)

  • I love the new header 🙂 Also, love the sidebar buttons, and I have question about the Brand Ambassador one. Do you know who designed that? I saw the same one on Lacey’s blog, and might want to use that but I want to make sure I give credit if I need to or I ask first if it wasn’t from Nintendo. Thanks!

    • Erini

      Thanks Doni!

      The Ambassador badge is something I made. Feel free to use it. 🙂

  • I absolutely adore that second hair cut, so much so that I’m thinking about cutting my hair like that (and I just got my hair cut less than a month ago).

    However it would probably look really cute on you.

    As for the tattoo, thats an awesome idea, I hope that you can get the money for it soon.

    • Erini

      Thanks Rochelle! I’m tempted to ask my brother if he’ll pay for the tattoo for a birthday gift. One of his friends is a damn good artist down in/near Indy, and cuts him a decent deal. So maybe he’ll be willing to cover it for me…

      Going to a beauty/salon school tomorrow — that is, if I’m not on my way to a hospital (deets to come later)… So fingers crossed the stylist can work something out for me. 🙂

  • The new website setup looks good! I think the hair idea is a good one, too! It’s an easy, cheap way to give yourself a new look and new confidence. You could also rearrange some furniture to spice things up a bit! Oh, fun!

    Keep up the good work with the blog!

    – Justice Bird

    • Erini

      Thanks Justice Bird!

      The hair was a great idea… a post on that coming soon!

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