that time I cut all my hair off…

So that there is a big pile of my hair.  I decided that I was quite happy with my hair, and was fussing over it for a while.  So what better thing to do than chop it all off right?

And there’s the amazing result.  My friend Kari did a great job on it.

… And that was my Junior year of college.

I almost got that urge to cut it that short again.  I got a lot of compliments on it then — and my great aunt told me to never grow my hair out again.  But I also shocked a lot of my friends — most of whom didn’t even recognize me until they were close enough to make out facial features.  And really, when you’re constantly seeing photos of these absolutely gorgeous women, who could not want to rock short hair like they do?!

I mean. Seriously. Those women are beautiful, inside and out.  .. And then another equally beautiful woman went and put pink in her hair and looks fabulous… But well, the constant upkeep of pink hair is a bit much for me right now.

So, well.  I decided to just go for the haircut.  I’d be planning on growing my hair out a bit more.  A lot more.  But holy crap am I impatient.  And frankly, I don’t regret being so anyway.  So, prepare yourself to bask in the pretty…

Haircuts are amazing.  A new style can completely change you.   And this was exactly what I needed.