how my cats keep me on my toes…

18 March 2011

For the past two nights, my cat Tuija has decided to impress me with some new skills.  Possibly she’s trying to un-earn one of her nicknames: Chunk or Chunky Butt.  She’s a little pudgy, but not fat… though, having her walk across you might tell you otherwise.

Anyway.  The past two nights while trying to go back downstairs, Tuija’s turned into this “I can squeeze through the smallest opening” rocket cat.  As soon as that basement door is open the tiniest crack… ZOOM.

And the little brat is quick.  And stubborn.  Downstairs? You mean behind the couch right? What about under the wood burning stove? Behind that? Behind the couch? How about under the dinning room table? And it’s not like I can just leave the basement door open and shoo her back in…

… because Kaija is watching and trying to figure out when she can dart out into the freedom of the upstairs.

Eventually, I got her back downstairs both nights.  But I’m not looking forward to this becoming a routine.  … Gotta wonder how they’re going to like living in a studio apartment as opposed to the basement, though.

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