settling in

When it comes to moving, I tend to wait until the last minute to get everything packed up.  Which generally means having disorganized boxes and bags.  I had papers, blankets, books, and a pair of shoes all in one bag.  And because I have some strange aversion to boxes, most things outside of books and kitchen stuff are in bags.  Which all leads to my current situation… unpacking… and how I put it off until it becomes ridiculous*.

I’ve gotten almost everything out of the boxes so far.  And well, despite the fact that life has things piled up, my living room’s not too bad.  My remaining bookshelf is still at dad’s, so all of my books are just piled up right now.  It actually doesn’t look bad, but well, it’s just stacks of books.  I’ve got posters, art, and even shelves on the walls.  Of course my tv and wii are set up — that got set up the first night!

My bedroom however… Yeah.  Not so good.  I’ve got a big pile of clothes on the floor — I borrowed three plastic storage tubs from my stepmom, so I had to empty them before they left.  And I just haven’t put them in the closet.  And then all the bags of papers and craft stuff and just miscellaneous STUFF that I own… it’s all piled up in my room.  And more bags of clothes.  (I own a lot.)  I mean, all of that stuff is in my bedroom because I wanted to clear out my living room.  More than likely if I have a guest over we’ll just be hanging out in the living room…  Though, well, if I want a bedroom visitor, I should probably get that room cleaned up sooner than later.  (I mean, if a guy likes me, he’ll hopefully look past my mess… but it really doesn’t add to the sexy-time…)

ANYWAY.  This is actually only the second full week I’ve lived in the apartment.  The cats seem to be getting used to it, and I’m trying to settle in as well.  Hopefully I can get more of the bedroom stuff to at least a somewhat tolerable level soon.  I think I’m going to go through some of that this week.  As well as finally getting dish soap so I can actually clean up my tiny kitchen.  And I’ve been told they’re going to fix the hot water in my shower early next week.

Once I clean up some of that “life stuff” I’ll get some better pictures up.  But you can see a little bit of it here… and don’t let the cat’s fool you, the floor isn’t really made of lava.

*My apartment in Lakeview, I never fully unpacked my clothes, I just left the boxes and suitcases open in front of my closet.  It was a mess.