the time I went from broke to really broke

A couple weeks ago I filed my certification for my unemployment like normal.  Well, almost like normal.  I checked the little box that I had changed my address, and I also checked the one that said I attended school.  When I didn’t receive my deposit a few days later, I just assumed it had to do with the address change.

Oh boy was I wrong.

Apparently, if you’re a student, you can’t receive unemployment.  When I actually think about it, it makes sense.  However, well, it sucks royally when that is your only source of money… And more importantly, it’s the only means you have to pay rent.  Which is due.  Tomorrow.  Yeah.  Found all this out sometime in the middle of last week.  The state of Illinois gave me a very specific time and date to call.  Hopefully, because I’m not in an accredited program, they might be willing to give me my benefits back.

My landlord is well, you could sort of say he’s there to help me out.  He’s can’t really do anything about my rent.  However, if this apartment (which is a bit more than my budget), isn’t going to work out, he’s willing to just let me out of my lease.  While moving isn’t something I want to do, it’s nice knowing I can get out without any fuss.  Or marks on my credit.  (Or my mom’s who is my co-signer.)

But yeah.  Broke.  Now a little bit broker.  I was able to talk to someone about some part time work.  So that should help out with the rent issue.  I still have tuition to figure out at some point — help please?  But I also have confidence, or hope maybe, that something will work out there as well.  I love school and I have no plans on giving up.  (I mean, then I’d miss out on Ladies’ Nights and a continual parade of marker comps and a group of really fun people I enjoy hanging out with all week.)

Speaking of marker comps… I’ve got 20 due on Monday again…