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9 May 2011

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  • Amy

    Sometimes, the best things take awhile to develop. Have faith that if he’s interested, he’ll show it…eventually. Be patient and just enjoy this time of getting to know one another and hanging out.

    • Erini

      Thanks Amy! 🙂 It’s hard not to rush things when you’re excited, but you can’t force things either.

  • Dani

    I disagree, man! Dudes who are really super into you will A) ask you out and B) try to get in your pants. Dudes who don’t try these things might be a little flirty and take what they can get, but they’re not genuinely all that interested.

    He might be cute, but you should hold out for a guy who shows unequivocally that he’s into you. This guy sounds like friend material to me!

    • Erini

      As always, Dani, you’re right. as I found out tonight… only wants to be friends. And I definitely need to hold off for someone to who’s truly interested.

  • Dani

    y’know, I learned this from my buddy Matt – when it’s time for focused studies, put the bulk of your energy into that, because if you’re serious about developing your art, you won’t be in a good place to be a great partner anyways. I say relax – let yourself have a date or two, sure – but keep your eye on the prize: a kickass portfolio.

    Consider how much time you spent thinking and wondering about this dude! That’s emotional energy that could be re-directed to art and design and writing. Don’t let flaky dudes suck up all your energy. Flaky dude = any guy whose intentions are not clear. Flirting is attention without intention. Allow yourself to be entertained by the cute ones, but don’t get sucked in, is what I’m saying. 😉 If a guy is great and wants a date, he’ll say “we should go out for dinner,” and if he’s still interested by the end of the date, he’ll try and kiss you and/or immediately ask for a second date. Dudes who want to see you again, for sure, will say “I want to see you again,” (different than “I’ll call you.”) Remember my two-call rule? You gotta hold dudes to a higher standard, man!! If their attentions seem half-hearted, just say “Next! Moving on.”

    Unless you just want to fool around. Then you just need to be more upfront with dudes about what you want – attention without strings. But be honest with yourself about what you really want first. If what you really want is a relationship, hold out for that. Fooling around becomes a distraction fast.

    • Erini

      Fooling around is definitely not on my radar right now.

      Right now I’m trying to get it through my head that I can get all I need right now from him just being friends. Yeah, that relationship stuff is nice, and I do want it. But school does come first right now. And as a friend, he can be a better creative partner to me. (Which was a big attraction to him in the first place, the fact that we bounce a lot of our ideas off each other and actually help and encourage each other to be better in our concepts and designs…)

      Just because we’re friends now, doesn’t mean that won’t change into something more later — and all I ask is that he can remain open to that, not that it will happen. However, it’s on him if he does change his mind to make any sort of move.

      …. I’m probably going to reiterate this all in another post, since he did come out and say he doesn’t want to date. And I’m allowed to have hot friends, right? 😉

  • Dani

    word up girl – just keep your antennae up for a dude who’s really into you in that way. This dude just sounds like a distraction – if he’s been straightforward with you, I say let it go. Better for your psychic energy, and his loss, eh?

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