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11 May 2011

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  • I have been there girl and I know that even though you’re okay with it, it still hurts. I think you’re attitude about it is what makes the situation one that breaks you down or serves as a learning point in your life. From this post, it sounds like you have taken the most positive outlook possible in a really sucky situation, and for that you deserve major kudos!

    • Erini

      Thanks!! It still hurts at times, but then I have to look and ask “Does it hurt because he turned me down, or because I was turned down?” Do I want him or do I just want a relationship? It’s a little bit of both. But if he really does love me like a friend, he’ll still be there for me. It’s companionship that I want, and I can still get that.

      I guess I’ll just have to see how things go as we hang out more… then I’ll know if this will work or not.

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