proof that gravity hates me.

I don’t have the best of luck, but I wouldn’t classify myself as a klutz.  Well, considering the past few days… I might reconsider that.

Exhibit A:

On my way to my friend Lindsey’s, I slipped on the bus.  Nothing too major.  Just a little embarrassing.  My left leg went forward and I didn’t.  I was able to catch myself and was fine.  Just ended up with a nice little bruise.  See:

Okay.  So I slipped on the bus.  No biggie.  Then yesterday happened.

Exhibit B:

I’ll spare you guys any image of my knee.  But yeah.  It hurt.  A lot.  And was sort of an eery repeat of Saturday.  My left leg went forward and I went down.  Only this time there wasn’t anything to help me catch my fall.  So I fell on my knee.  I was only a block from school, so after the help of some guy cleaning the alley, I got up and hobbled over.  We may not be the type of institution that has a nurse, but we do have a good first aid kit.  My knee was gross.  Bloody and swollen.  I made it through class with an ice pack and my friend vicodin.  After class Nazlah helped me get to the train, and Bryan made sure I got home all right (and did pretty well at trying to cheer me up too).

My knee’s feeling a bit better today.  Not stinging as much.  And this afternoon it stopped bleeding — I thought there was a gash, but turns out it was just a lack of skin.  But the lack of bandaids has forced me to air it out, thus it’s stopped bleeding.  It’s still swollen, but I can bend it some without screaming.  But now that my knee isn’t in a ton of pain, I’ve noticed my ankle hurts.  Probably just hurt it when I fell, or just sore from all the hobbling.

Anyway.  After two falls from just walking… I’ve decided I need to be in a bubble.  So we know my weekend, how was yours?