head first, right?

When you’ve got a dream you can throw it out to the universe and hope awesomeness comes bouncing back… Or you can run at them, and dive head first.  Create your own awesomeness.  And that’s my goal with portfolio school.

Now, when it comes to the work and school, yeah, that’s what I’m going.  And no matter how hard I work, I can and need to push it further.  But when it comes to the design & ad world… Well, I haven’t really dipped my toes in too much.  But that changes today.

Today I’ve got a double dose of AIGA (originally the American Institute of Graphic Arts).  Also a BIG name group for my industry.  Not everyone likes them and all, but yeah, it’s a good stepping stone for me.  … I can’t really afford a membership right now, so I’m just attending events as a student…

And first up is a free webinar with Ellen Lupton entitled “Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Brainstorming“.  I could only afford two text books, and really, I probably shouldn’t have stretched my budget for them… but both books are by Lupton.  So I’m jumping at this chance to hear her speak.

Then, this evening… I’m attending an event with James Goggin.  It’s a lecture on Design Thinking — “devoted to living examples of design in action”…  And I’m glad I bought my ticket early last week because it’s sold out now.  And as far as I know, none of my classmates are going.  So I’ve got an hour reception to mingle by myself before the lecture.  (And then if I’m feeling inclined to mingle more, there’s a cocktail reception near by…)

As someone new to all this, I want to push my concepts to the next level.  So both of these topics will be good for me.  But yeah, going to the Goggin event by myself is making me a bit nervous.  I’m going to have to be confident and sell myself.  I can do it.  And as much as networking is important, I’m really after pushing myself and my work further.  Especially with school’s Royal Rumble* coming up at the end of the quarter.  It’s with a company I’m excited about, and so I definitely want to make my mark.

*Royal Rumble is a student competition that happens between the break in quarters where a design firm gives us a brief and we work our asses off on campaigns.  Winners get a cash prize, and the possibility that part of our campaign might be produced.  Not to mention, this is an opportunity for a lot of agency attention.