one week

one week. one week. one week.

One last week as a 26 year old!

It’s been a crazy year. The first half was spent in and out of the hospital, dealing with what we’re pretty sure is endometriosis. I also spent it under a lot of stress and anxiety, and pushed through it thanks to many friends but mainly my (now ex) boyfriend, Chris. He was my safe place, where I could escape. I was also offered an opportunity through losing the job I thought would carry me into a new career. In some ways, it has — thanks to it, or well losing it, I’m now in school.  I was able to spend 3 months at my dad’s, which was stressful and boring, but allowed me to really build my relationship with my stepmom. I found a Meeting where I felt at home.

But before I knew it, I was in school. And it’s been a whirlwind since. Lots of assignments. Lots of stress. And a whole load a amazing people to spend my days with. (And because of them, I had a first: my first time doing karaoke. Still counts even if it was in a group!) I got to be a part of an awesome creative endeavor with my friends. I’m pushing myself further and further.

The year’s gone by so quickly. Only one week left!

But you know, I’m ready for this next year. Bring on 27!