in an ideal world

In an ideal world…

  • I’d have an awesome, yet cheap apartment close to school (River North).
  • I’d have a full time job that was basically stress-free and let me work on my school work.
  • I’d have enough time in the day to get all my design work done and have a social life.
  • I’d have health insurance.
  • I’d feel refreshed from however much sleep I’m able to get each night.
  • I’d have crazy mad typography skills.
  • sharpies would never run dry.
  • my computer screen wouldn’t have a large band of zombie pixels.
Life, as always, is really busy and crazy right now. A lot on my plate design-wise. A lot on my plate life-wise (I seriously need a cheaper living arrangement as well as a way to figure out how to pay for school). I’ll push through. But it’s definitely a lot.
So, what’s in your ideal world?