that day I ate my weight in chinese food.

I know it’s not technically Fall yet, but given today’s weather there’s no denying that it’s on its way.

With all the awesome things that Fall brings–sweater & boot weather, leaves changing, hearty foods–it also brings with it a strong homesickness for China.

Six years ago I spent a Fall in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. It was an amazing 3 months. In fact, I wrote about it, briefly, almost this time last year. I’ve been wanting to go back, but there’s a lot keeping me in Chicago. A big part of that are my amazing friends. Friends who indulge you in a crazy idea of Chinese Labor Day. Part of that was because Jennie wanted some spicy Chinese food too–so her interest in it may have fueled my own.

So a group of us–Jennie, Maggie, Courtney, Gabe, Jake and Mia–met up at Lao Sichuan in Chinatown and had quite the feast.

Vegetarian spring rolls for Courtney, Jiaozi, Salt & Pepper pork ribs, sijiduo (green beans), orange chicken, some sort of shrimp and veggie dish, mapo dofu, and some sort of spice beef dish. So amazing. And very glad Jennie recommended the ribs.

After stuffing our faces we walked around the mall a bit–hit up my favorite candy store. It’s not for it’s selection per say, and definitely not for their prices. It the free samples. We also checked out another place I like, the courtyard/plaza with the chinese zodiac statues.

As it was getting cold, we stopped over to get some tea. Well, okay, Mia and Jennie got bubble/boba teas. I got a milk tea. And it was amazing. (Probably over using “amazing” in this post, but trust me, it was.) I have to be careful with milk tea because it’s made with black tea and has a good bit of caffeine, but it’s been hours since and I’m still fine. Probably couldn’t/shouldn’t drink more than the one, which sucks, but it’s super tasty.

By the time we finished out tea, it’d been a few hours and well, the food coma was setting in. Which meant it was time for us all to head north again. I didn’t quite make it home before I got side tracked… Maggie and I ventured over to an Asian market near Andersonville, then I hit up a bakery. Then I finally went home (only to stuff my face with the baked goods I’d just bought).

That, my friends is $8 worth of baked goods.

Please note the size of the cake in relation to my keyboard.

Yes, I have a basket full of ramen.

The fullest my cabinets have been… and please note the “CeReal”…

My dinner. A sweet bun, sesame seed ball, taro waffers and almond soy milk.

Now. After all this food. It’s time for me to embrace the food coma that’s been hours in the making.

How was your Labor Day Weekend?