changing the game

Somewhere in the past two days I decided that NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo/BloMo just weren’t enough. They just didn’t completely incapsulate what I want from this month. So I’m creating my own rules… For the rest of the month, it’s National WRITE A F*CKTON Month, or NaWriFuMo.

So any creative writing–fiction, non-fiction, poetry, whatever–it counts. Still attempting the 50,000 words. But ultimately, I just want to feel good about writing. And get into a good habit of writing. Eventually something good will come out of this.

At some point, I’m going to pick a random month and do National Create a F*ckton Month. (Yes, I realize if just one person is doing it, it’s not National. Don’t care.) NaCreFuMo.

Lately, my writing’s been slacking. Only 45 fiction words yesterday. None today so far. The short stories aren’t really coming along like I’d been hoping. But luckily it’s the weekend, so hopefully I can catch up some. I know there’s a story up there, I just am having a hard time getting it out and piecing it together.

But it’s not just NaNo and writing that I’m changing the game. This morning I decided another change should happen. I did something big.

I’m starting a business.

It’s just beginning stages right now. Registered the domain (and hell, got the twitter account), just to secure it. But no content yet. I’m talking with partners and future people I’ll contract with. Working out production and packaging. And using those design skills to create an identity system… My plan is to do a very, very soft launch this holiday season.

I’m not ready to talk details publicly. (And if I’ve talked to you privately about it, please keep it hush hush for the time being!) But I’m super excited. This has nothing to do with my freelance web dev business. I’ll still be doing that. This is just another thing I’m starting up on the side, but has potential to go fulltime and who knows where it could go.

This is a big step. I’m excited and nervous, and cannot wait to share all the details with everyone.