because every kid wants pumpkin pie for breakfast.

6 November 2011

So apparently everyone is getting into this whole seasonal thing…

They’re actually not that bad… So much better than McDonald’s pumpkin pies. (Dad wanted to try one last year on our family vacation…) It’s just amusing what pops up around the holidays. I’m sure there are many more pumpkin-flavored things that I really don’t need/want to know about… But I might just stick with pumpkin muffins and donuts and chai lattes. And pies. Definitely pies.

  • That looks awesome. I might have to ask my mom to toss that in care package of some sort…I don’t really even like pumpkin pie all that much, but eating a certain amount of pumpkin-flavored seriously sugary things is like a requirement of being an American in the fall. (I’m in France right now and French don’t seem to do pumpkin; it breaks my heart.)

    • Erini

      Getting ridiculous things in care packages while overseas is amazing. I was in China… wow… 6 years ago… And my mom and aunt sent me a great care package full of halloween candies. It was the best.

      If you’re kinda meh about eating a whole slice of pumpkin pie, then you’ll probably like these. Maybe not the whole box, but hey! Sharing! 🙂

  • I just found out Silk makes pumpkin soy milk. Milk + plain oatmeal = my breakfast tomorrow. Love it.

    • Erini

      wait, what?! That’s pretty awesome! Also an easy way to make a pumpkin latte at home!

      I still drink/use regular cow milk… But if I’m going to be gone, I’ll sometimes get some almond milk before I leave just to make sure I have something for when I get back! 🙂

      … I think I may now be on a quest this month to find out all the different pumpkin-flavored things there are in my stores! (Also, I be pumpkin soy milk on regular cheerios might be awesome.)

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