500th Post Giveaway: chunky watches, Gap jeans, band nerds, cupcakes and more!

You know, I actually woke up today and instead of growling through my first morning yawn-stretch… I found myself saying, well yawning, “I love Mondaaaaaaaaaays!”

Before getting all WTF on me, I will say this is primarily because Mondays are pretty relaxed at work and my friend Courtney is up here for class all day meaning I get to hang out with her during breaks. The transition from being in school all day and seeing my friends all the time to working 9:30-3pm every week day has been a bit of a challenge. I love having my afternoons off, but I miss hanging out with my friends–who still have class every evening.

Anyway. Today is a special Monday. Today happens to be my 500th post here on Adorkable Me. And to celebrate, I’m having a giveaway!

I’m really excited about this, and kind of wish I could enter too… I’m giving away two pairs of Gap jeans (each up to $90!), an awesome gift certificate to Modify Watches where you can pick out two bands and a face of their new, not yet released, 2.0 watches, and two Mucca Pazza tshirts! On top of that, I’m probably going to throw in some other random special stuff* that I collect through the week.

And because I want to share the love, the gifts are being broken up as such:

  • #1 Winner gets 1 pair of Gap jeans, Mucca Pazza tshirt, and the Modify Watch package. (Plus other special stuff!)
  • #2 Winner gets 1 pair of Gap jeans. (And some special stuff!)
  • #3 Winner gets 1 Mucca Pazza tshirt. (And some special stuff!)
  • 5 lucky people get a post card from me! Or my cats.

I’m also offering 1 local** winner a cupcake date! You, me, and the cupcake of your choice!

Now to the whole “how can I win all this awesome stuff?!” part…

  • 1 entry for commenting here (please note if you’re a local–that is, if you want a chance for the cupcake date)
  • 1 entry for tweeting: “I just entered to win @myadorkablelife’s 500th post Gap jean + @ModifyWatches giveaway! http://bit.ly/dork500 #dork500″ or something similar with the #dork500 hashtag.
  • bonus entry for liking Modify Watches on Facebook (comment here and tell me!)
  • bonus entry for finding me and giving me a high five–yes, this is a “locals only” but it’ll enter them for all of the above.
  • More opportunities for bonus entries will be posted through the rest of the week, so stay tuned!

Contest runs from now until midnight CST on Friday (11/11/11!)… Winners will be announce on Monday, Nov 14th.

Now the formal stuff: The Gap jean gift certificates were given to me for the sole purpose of this giveaway by A-Squared Group. The Modify Watch gift certificate was given to me for this giveaway by Modify Watches. I’m not paid by these companies, and all opinions are my own. Modify Watches absolutely did not ask me to ask people to like them on Facebook–in fact, they didn’t know I was going to do that at all. (I just really like them and want others to get to know them too!) The Mucca Pazza tshirts were purchased by me. Any other special gift will have been either purchased by me or created by me–or possibly created by a friend and then donated to me.

*Other stuff will probably include things like custom art work, Mucca Pazza buttons, and maybe some Club Nintendo goodies, amongst other things that I will figure out-slash-want to keep a surprise!
**By local I mean you have to live in Chicago or close enough to come for a cupcake date–travel expenses are on you though. I’m just going to pay for your cupcake while we enjoy each other’s company. If you aren’t a local, but know you’ll be in Chicago for a specific span of time, then feel free to mention that you want to be considered for this too!