Really big things: Season's Geekings

Last week I made a vague announcement on the internet about taking a big leap and doing something crazy and big.

Well, part of me feels like it might be too early to share it, but the other part says f- that. I think in making it public it makes it more real, and thus is keeping me to my deadlines.

I’ve started a business. (Yes, I realize now that I made this announcement on Friday.) But now I guess I’m ready to drop the bomb and tell you all what I’m doing…

I’m starting a greeting card company. Not an e-card company, but an actual printed, paper greeting card company.

I’m talking with a fellow artists, and some writer friends, and basically thanks to school I’ve got an amazing network of people to work with. I feel pretty confident that I’ll be ready for my 2012 launch. Right now I’m working out contracts, talking with a potential printer, researching licensing as well as trademarks, trying to figure out packaging… getting all the nuts and bolts done.

Now, because I’ve got a limited timeframe if I want to make my launch, I’ve decided to make good use of testing out my potential printer–and yes, I’m talking a professional printing company, not buying a new printer for my home*… So our first pre-launch card is now in production!

I’m working on the first sketches. I plan on painting this with watercolors before scanning it in. I’ve still got more to draw, as this is going to be a holiday card.

I have no idea where this will go, but I’m excited. I’ve got some really talented friends that I’ll be working with. It’s a chance for me to attempt to turn my creativity into maybe something that might be able to support me (and others) one day.

Now… remember the other big news from yesterday? My 500th blog post… Well here’s another way for you to earn some bonus entries:
For today and tomorrow only, I’ll give two entries to everyone who likes Season’s Geekings on facebook. After that, one entry for liking. Remember, contest ends midnight CST this Friday!

*eventually I’ll have some super awesome printers at home/my studio. Ideally, I’d like to have an office/studio space for the business to house all the printing things as well as one day my own printing press for doing letterpress cards. But for right now, things are staying pretty simple.