is that a narwhal in your pocket, or…

28 November 2011

I got a fun surprise from my friend Jennie today…

I’ve got Narwhals!

I don’t quite know when my mild obsession with narwhals started, but I know being at CPS definitely fueled it. That was mostly in part to all my attempts to convince our friend Molly that Narwhals do indeed exist. The Unicorn of the Sea isn’t my absolute favorite animal–because that title will probably always be held by the shark–but they are freaking cool. Just like these little narwhals.

After a 9-hour work day, these narwhals were a really nice treat. I’ve already spent some time tonight convincing my cat, Kaija, that narwhals aren’t for eating. Which means I might have to find a good place to keep them… Which is the perfect excuse to carry them around with me all the time.

So. My Monday wasn’t so bad. How was yours?

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