Thanks Internet…

5 December 2011

So the job promotion’s been pretty great so far. I’m excited about my new responsibilities, and well, so far have been doing well at them. But well, that’s as about as specific as I’m going to get about work stuff.

Anyway. As far as anything else has been concerned–you know, outside of the whole 9-4 thing…

I’ve surprisingly lost some interest in Pinterest… But one of my favorite things, currently, is to get lost in Youtube holes. Ones where you start off looking at adorable kittens and then the next thing you know it’s flame throwing tubas and then 8-Bit Mario Opera. … and I was going to get links for all of those, but I got distracted by this awesome ASL video… and am already heading down a tunnel watching more and more ASL songs… (I used to be an ASL major until the end of my junior year of college…)

So yeah. Thanks interent.

okay, had to edit just because all those ASL videos led to this. OMG THANK YOU INTERENT. (Ladies, you won’t be sorry.)

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