my brain is stuck.

You ever have those moments when all of your thoughts are bottlenecked around one? Yeah. That. So I’m hoping that maybe by writing about it, it’ll help unclog my brain tubes and I can have proper mental functioning abilities again.

So. I previously said something along the lines about how I’m not going to talk about boys or relationships online much any more… Well, part of that is because there hasn’t been much of anything to talk about. Holy hell has it been a dry spell for me. I’ve had one date this year, and yeah, just wasn’t going to happen (even if he wanted it–and by it I don’t mean a relationship). Last dude I kissed? Drunk. At a concert. Where I was thinking about making out with someone else. Only happened because we danced and he went in for it. Totally doesn’t count.

Anyway. Yeah. Dry spell.  … What the crap guys?

All I can think about is making out. My entire brain is traffic jammed around the single thought of making out. It’s been stuck like this all day, and honestly it’s been a slow clog building up over the weeks and months of non-making out times.

So, I either need to make out with someone or force my brain to be fixated on something else. Hoping that the holidays will distract me, but we’ll see. It’s a pretty nasty brain clog. Yeah. Not so awesome when you start thinking about making out with inappropriate people. Former instructor? Yep. Internet friend with a girlfriend? Oh yeah. Dude I actually like but won’t tell you about? Duh.

Insert loud frustrated dinosaur noises right here.

So. Attractive dudes. Who wants to make out?