these changes got the ball rolling.

The water drinking is going pretty well. At work at least.

I’ve stopped buying my Teappuccinos from Argo (Rooibus with vanilla = best ever). I stopped drinking Sprites. Granted, at home, I drink a fair bit of Tang and Sierra Mist. And I just switched from cow’s milk to almond milk–but I haven’t started just drinking it. It’s the water at home thing that’s been hard. Even getting a nice new Bobble water bottle.

But I’m going to press on. It’s only day 9 in for this month’s changes. Yay hydration.

The 12 Changes thing has gotten the ball rolling with this whole “get healthy” thing. I bought Special K granola. And well, it’s awesome. Especially with the unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I bought salmon. Fresh zucchini and yellow squash. And I still have my stash of lima beans (holy crap, who knew I’d love lima beans). I’m excited about making some big steps towards healthy eating this year.

I don’t see myself ever being an uber crazy health nut. I still see massive double bacon cheeseburgers with cheese fries in my future. And hopefully gourmet donuts from Doughnut Vault. And cookies and chips. But, you know, I want to take care of myself and a big part of that is eating better. … and I’m starting with drinking water. I see a “no junk food” month happening sometime this year too. (But definitely not June–girl’s going to eat cake all month for my birthday.)

How’s the progress with your changes and/or resolutions?