these changes got the ball rolling.

9 January 2012

The water drinking is going pretty well. At work at least.

I’ve stopped buying my Teappuccinos from Argo (Rooibus with vanilla = best ever). I stopped drinking Sprites. Granted, at home, I drink a fair bit of Tang and Sierra Mist. And I just switched from cow’s milk to almond milk–but I haven’t started just drinking it. It’s the water at home thing that’s been hard. Even getting a nice new Bobble water bottle.

But I’m going to press on. It’s only day 9 in for this month’s changes. Yay hydration.

The 12 Changes thing has gotten the ball rolling with this whole “get healthy” thing. I bought Special K granola. And well, it’s awesome. Especially with the unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I bought salmon. Fresh zucchini and yellow squash. And I still have my stash of lima beans (holy crap, who knew I’d love lima beans). I’m excited about making some big steps towards healthy eating this year.

I don’t see myself ever being an uber crazy health nut. I still see massive double bacon cheeseburgers with cheese fries in my future. And hopefully gourmet donuts from Doughnut Vault. And cookies and chips. But, you know, I want to take care of myself and a big part of that is eating better. … and I’m starting with drinking water. I see a “no junk food” month happening sometime this year too. (But definitely not June–girl’s going to eat cake all month for my birthday.)

How’s the progress with your changes and/or resolutions?

  • I lapsed temporarily with my decision to go healthy with eating and whatnot but I felt terrible afterwards so I know that it’s the food and it’s not the medicine I’m on. I also got two new water bottles, so it’s water time. Almond milk is wonderful and it’s easy on the stomach (at least mine). Just keep swimming.

    • Erini

      Menu planning is what helps me a lot… even if I, too, slack off and order pizza because it’s easier than trying to get to the grocery store on a Friday night. It taste good, and I’m doing a lot better with not eating the whole thing at once… but I really want to cut it down to just a special occasion meal. Trying to reprogram myself that certain foods are treats and rewards and special occasion things… but that special occasions can mean things like “today rocked!” or “I need an ‘I don’t care’ day!”–as long as I don’t abuse it.

  • I used to drink exclusively soda and gatorade a couple of years ago and then I just quit cold turkey. I feel so much more energetic [weird, I know] and my skin is so much clearer. Water works wonders. 🙂
    I hope you continue hydrate. Who knows, maybe you’ll develop a taste for it just like I did.

    • Erini

      I used to drink a lot of propel and vitamin water in college, especially the last year and half. I wasn’t eating well, or much, off and on in college, so I thought those would make me better. The vitamin water at least got me the B12 I needed since I’m terrible at taking my supplements.

      Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

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