breathing easier, and making plans.

13 January 2012

I have a love-hate relationship with planning (and the phrase “I’ve got a lot on my mind”). I love it–it’s fun. But well, spontaneity and just going… awesome. Like many things, it’s all about balance.

I’m trying to figure out if I want to meet an upcoming application deadline. If I want to drop a lot of cash and go to Vegas with 59 other bloggers. Or if I want to drop cash and do a solo writing retreat in Baton Rouge. Or find someone to join me for a looong weekend of jazz (and some writing) in New Orleans. Oh. And I’m trying to decide if I want to stay in my current apartment, or switch to another in the building… or just go somewhere new.

We’re only 2 weeks into the year, and I already cannot wait to fill the pages of my new little planner*. Even if it’s the day after. Concerts and tours. Dinner dates. REAL dates. And a vacation of some sorts. And maybe even my surgery, assuming I still need it.

All of this is a little easier now. If you follow me on twitter or are a FB friend, then you already know this… but I was recently put on salary at work. Means I’m even more officially a staff member. It’s awesome. What’s more awesome is what it comes with: benefits. I now have health insurance. Not to mention paid sick days and vacation. I’m really enjoying my work, and I’m kind of rocking this job. My boss pointed out, after we shook on my new status, I’m less stressed. I’m hoping that’ll stay true for a while longer. In fact, I even told myself that tomorrow I’m going to have an “I can conquer the world!” attitude. Somedays you just need to tell yourself to be fearless, and then make it happen.

*As pretty as they are, I’m happy I saved my money and went with a whatever-brand planner from Target rather than get an Erin Condren one. Maybe one day.

  • Ohhh. Going to Louisiana seems like a lot more fun than Vegas! But I’m definitely more of a loner, and have no interest in Vegas >:3 Plus, they speak French there!! *dances* So look – your choice is made! Hahah.

    But I think having fun choices is so much better than having terrible or no choices! Moving can be really annoying though, I don’t like to do it unless I really want to or have to. What kind of apt in the building could you get? Are they all relatively the same? I looove apt hunting. To me, it’s so much fun to see the different spaces. IT’S GREAT. :3

    Good luck with everything and congrats on the advancement in your job!

    • Erini

      I really want to do BiSC. Never been to Vegas and I love blogger trips/events. But hopefully I’ll have 20SB Summit. My reasoning behind Louisiana is just for the relaxed southern atmosphere, a cute B&B I found… and well, if it’s NOLA, to experience some real jazz.

  • I’m really happy that you can make more plans and that you have health insurance. A nice little writing retreat would be great and to NOLA? Just perfect. BiSC and those other blogging events would be great as well. Anything would be cool because you can make plans!

  • I’ve been doing so much of this quasi-planning already too. I told a group of friends that it seems my current approach to vacation planning is the spaghetti method. Throw a bunch of plans up agains the wall and see what sticks. 🙂

    Congrats on your job, lady.


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