wherein, yep. I’m awkward.

Over the past few days, there haven’t been any words to really describe how I’ve been feeling… Other than maybe saying that I feel like an awkward dinosaur. You know, like T-Rex. On most days, T-Rex may have been a bad ass mofo, but really… this clip sums it up perfectly:

Big head. Little arms. “I’m just not sure how well this plan was thought through.” And I just want to scream and make dinosaur noises. (Yes, this is all actually true–I am this weird.)

It’s like two puzzle pieces that aren’t supposed to fit together, but they do and you’ve already sort of given up so you just keep them together because you can. I don’t exactly know what brought this on right now, but yeah, awkward dinosaur going on right now. I mean, my life’s not aimless, but yet it doesn’t seem right. Things aren’t placed quite right. Like I just left those mismatched puzzle pieces together because they fit even if they aren’t right.

I mean, hell. I this post is a mismatched puzzle piece of analogies. Seriously. Awkward dinosaur.

I guess all this is to say… I’m applying to a writing program? I don’t know. Whenever I do design stuff I think about how much I want to be writing. And when I’m writing… well, I generally lose discipline and give up. But I’m at a place now where I like my job and I’m good at it… I’m doing a slow private launch of Season’s Geekings*… I’m looking forward to helping out my friends and traveling with them (all while getting to see my favorite band play)… I mean, I think I’m just trying to find the right piece. Trying to figure out how to balance my passions and stuffs. Yep. Awkward dinosaur…. …awkward dinosaur.

*Which is going to include a nice little gift for all those going to BiSC this year!