MORE WATER. (or: Dear Erini, stop being dumb.)

24 April 2012

I relearned a lesson over this weekend:

One of the many things that happened this weekend was that I dehydrated myself. Again.

And this was after so proudly telling my friend Jacob about I was doing so much better with eating more healthily and even drinking more water… and yep, spoke too soon.

I’m an adult. I can make myself responsible for drinking more water. Because there’s no way we’re adding “Make sure Erini drinks water” to our tour list.

  • i don’t think i’d drink as much water as i do if there wasn’t a water cooler nearby. it’s become a habit more than anything purely out of convention, ha. but i guess it’s not bad that i drink a lot of water. i’d suggest having a pretty water bottle. that sort of helps keep me hydrated.

    • Erini

      I got a nice new Bobble brand bottle. And I do love it… but I’ve gotten lazy about using it. It sits on my desk and hides in the shadows–I need to put it right in front of my computer so I reach for it first.

  • ::runs to get water bottle::


  • hahah now i know how my 6 glasses shocked you ๐Ÿ˜‰ one day you’ll start getting so much water, you’ll wonder how you struggled originally

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