Shower Adventures.

30 May 2012

In the 13 months I’ve lived in this apartment, my shower and I have had a rocky relationship.

At first, it felt as though I didn’t like, or need, hot water. Then it went through a long bipolar phase. For a while it turned into a Wookie. Then for like, 2 maybe 3 weeks we were okay. But then it was back to this game of Scalding Water Tag. But for the past couple weeks it’s just gotten plan stubborn.

It’s always been a little slow to drain. I took that just for being on the ground level and the pipes bending immediately. Generally after 20-30 minutes it’s all clear and good to go. Not recently. Couple hours. Which turned into days.

Unfortunately, I’ve got a clause in my lease saying I won’t use chemical cleaners in any of the drains. So no Liquid Plumber for me. Just good old fashioned waiting for someone else to clean it out for me.

After we got it all drained today (from Monday’s shower)… this is what I found.

That’s 13+ months of muck that’s been just chilling in my pipes. It explains why they had to resurface my tub before I moved in… Swamp Thing lives in my drains. I have no clue if they cleaned out the drains before I moved it. Ever.

After a few roommate situations, I was excited about having a shower all to myself that would be mostly clog free. It takes a damn long time for my short hair to clog drains, especially with the mesh guard I always use and clean out. (And when you live with people who’s hair color and length is not at all like your own, it’s easy to tell who’s hair it is.)

But yeah. Today was kind of gross. Hoping tomorrow’s shower will just be a nice, simple, relaxing shower. That or I need friends who’ll let me take over their shower every so often so I can enjoy a shower for once.


    • Erini

      I KNOW. Spent a good while giving it a Clorox scrub…

  • I feel your pain and I do the same thing every time I jump in my shower, only with comet with bleach (and maybe liquid soap).

    • Erini

      normally I just need this basic, “green” spray that does a great job and I use it after every shower. after some gross clogs due to sharing showers, I’m sort of weird about it. but with the water sitting… without the filter… ugh. swamp thing cometh. SO GROSS.

  • Not gonna lie. That picture made me a little gaggy.

    • Erini

      Me too. Me too…

  • I just threw up in my mouth a little… that’s as gross as the stuff that comes out when you clean your vents. EEEW.

    • Erini

      Definitely. I’ve been trying to figure out if this is actually grosser than any roommate I’ve had… I think at least one could come close to this… but yeah. SO GROSS. I SOAKED that thing in bleach.

  • gross gross gross! i already hate bathroom cleaning. if i saw that in my shower, i don’t think i’d ever stop twitching 🙁 i hope the clean out helps with future draining so you don’t have to go through this again ever

    • Erini

      so far so good! drains quick and no real standing water! 🙂

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