Wine & Love

So, I’m trying something different. Or rather a couple different/new-to-me things…

First, I’m writing this post out on my iPad. Secondly, I’ve decided to join in on a weekly blog thing called Wine and Love. It originated with Walking With Nora, and is now being carried on by Suki. Basically it’s a nice review of the good and not-so-good things from the week.

→ Spotty internet. Apparently, RCN has melted with all this heat. First netflix decided it hated my Wii, and now I basically have no internet at home. I realize this means I should get off the couch and go outside… But it’s 96-degrees out and I’m going to enjoy my AC.
→ Petty work things. I won’t get into details, but there’s just been some small frustrations at work.

→ Dinner with Dad. He’s in the suburbs for work this week, so he stopped by Tuesday night to take me out to dinner. It’s not often I get to spend time with just him, so this was nice. I grew up with my mom, and dad was constantly moving or traveling for work (who knew the audio world was like this?)… so I wasn’t all that close to my dad growing up. Once I became an adult, we started making up for it.
→ my iPad. It’s quickly getting dubbed Sir Smudgington, and he’s been a delightful addition to my digital life.
→ Concerts in the park. Hanging out downtown with my friends on Monday evening was great. Hoping I’ll see a few of them there again this upcoming Monday.
→ Great gChats. Remember how I’m awkward? Well having an amazing friend to chat with on ann off-and-on regular basis sort of makes me feel more normal. Especially when I can ask said friend to tell me to not eat an entire bag of chips, and she can manage to get in my head and convince me to stop in like 2 minutes without giving me an actual reason until afterwards. And of course her reason for why they’re bad for me? Only because I’d eat the whole bag. Bonus points for the fact that she and I nerd out over various things quite frequently.
→ Family time. My brother, his girlfriend, and my niece are visiting tomorrow and staying over night. I’m exciting about seeing my niece, since it’s been probably since March that I’ve gotten to see her. And it’s been about 3 years since she’s been in Chicago. Hoping we might be able to squeeze in a visit to the aquarium.

How’s your week been?